59A is a technology business built to deliver unparalleled opportunity within the ever-increasing complexity of media planning and buying.

We do this through the creation and deployment of custom algorithms across any media channel accessible through programmatic, e-commerce, and social platforms. Take a look at how we do this.

Our offering has three distinct phases.


Transforming large, complex data sets into actionable custom algorithms. 59A observes data as being thematic in nature, categorising over 1,000+ (and counting) unique data sets across eight distinct themes, and every data set used is non-identifiable. This next-generation planning capability supercharges campaigns with millions of unique data points before the campaign goes live, giving brands a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and saturated marketplace.


59A’s custom algorithms provide brands the ability to action one plan, the same plan, across almost any channel and inventory source within the programmatic, social, and e-commerce ecosystem. Upon activation, 59A unleashes QRTZ™, its’ proprietary machine learning engine. QRTZ™ reviews more data, more often and in more detail, maximising performance.


Through 59A’s architecture, media performance can be extrapolated out into business-level insights. This allows brands to move faster and learn quicker than the competition and make a genuine business impact through better-informed and better-optimised campaigns.

Case Studies

B2B - Thinking

Taking 5,063,321 Companies House records dating back to 1491 to target leadership training.


D2C - Thinking

Targeting a D2C brands 1,370 delivery postcode catchment area.


Education - Thinking

Identifying the 82,504 further education students that match a Universities ideal student profile.


Broadband - Doing

Driving localised profitable broadband sign ups.


Charity - Doing

Delivering positive ROAS after a decade of negative ROAS for a leading charity.


Software - Doing

Overdelivering on ROI for a specialist software firm.


Retail - Learning

Driving a nationwide 2.8% uplift across 280 stores


Entertainment - Learning

What differentiated the audience that bought tickets from those who did not go through with the purchase?


Travel - Learning

Encouraging customers in the North of England to consider Trains for leisure.


We believe creativity drives innovation. It's one thing saying that, it's another showing it.