Enabling next generation media companies with technology.


Build and manage the plan you always wanted.


Enhance capability and capacity.


Differentiate your services.


Empowering sustainable business models.

Who we are

A technology company comprised of digital media specialists, data analysts and software engineers that have automated the planning and buying parts of media, creative & intelligence processes where machines outdo humans.

What we do

We have done that by building Precision - a transparent automation platform that enables the production and management of media and create algorithms at scale in real time.

59A is here to empower the next generation of digital media planning and buying where optimal performance and efficiency are not just clich├ęs, but guaranteed outcomes.

How Precision works

Precision is integrated with existing advertising technology and leading machine learning platforms, supercharging your campaign.


Design high precision media and creative algorithms to power your campaigns.


Integrate and manage high precision media and creative algorithms via one platform.


The process of making code is fully automated.


Automated real time atomic optimization.


Easy to use dashboard. Instantly create reports and share data.


Unique live, transparent preformance and algorithm decision making dashboard.


01 - Performance

Improved campaign performance.

Limited human capability and capacity is stagnating the performance of programmatic, machines remove these barriers.

02 - People

Reallocate resource to high value functions.

By automating repetitive operational tasks, reallocate resource to focus on high value services such as strategy, creative or data science.

03 - Platform

Trusted Business model.

Operational benefits pave way for transparency, trust and sustainability as standard.

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